The 1/75 Ranger Memorial at Hunter is a significant and proper community supported recognition of appreciation for the brave and gallant Rangers who gave their lives protecting our country and our freedoms.

Dick Eckburg


A friend thanked me for contributing to the Ranger Memorial and then asked how I had gotten involved and why I felt like giving. I simply told him about all of the miraculous connections at work here. Then I said "if I can't support these guys (our Rangers) and their families, I might as well hang it up." In light of their sacrifice, we are honored to give.

John Glenn Landscaping


As long as we remember our fallen Rangers, they will never die. The Ranger Memorial guarantees that they will never be forgotten. I salute the 1st Ranger Battalion for a job well done.

Steve Crabtree, President                                                                                                                                                                            75th Ranger Regiment Association


For me, the memorial represents the service and sacrifice of generations of men who have served in the 1st Ranger Battalion, standing as the vanguard for the defense of the United States of America. It also represents our fallen comrades both in training and combat. Never before have the thousands of Rangers whom have sacrificed their lives had a location where they can bring their relatives, friends, etc... to stand in remembrance of their contributions in defending this nation. It will also serve as the rallying point for current 1st Battalion Rangers. A symbol in which they can physically observe why they are asked to sacrifice so much. Rangers past, present, future and families now have that place. RLTW

Chris Vanek


The 1st Battalion memorial reminds all of those Rangers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  It also serves as a reminder of all Rangers who gave of themselves to make the 1st Battalion the best. To those Rangers currently serving in the battalion it reminds them of the standard they bear and honor they keep.  To the next generation of Rangers it is the awesome responsibility they assumed and the Ranger Creed they will live.

Bill Acebes

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