OPERATION URGENT FURY, Grenada - 1983:  The invasion of the Island of

 Grenada was a response to Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard and a coup d'

 etat on October 24, 1983.  Members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean

States, led by the United States of America, parachuted and landed ships on

 Grenada, defeating Cuban and Grenadian resistance.  The Island of Grenada

 now celebrates October 25 as a holiday, Thanksgiving Day, to commemorate

 their liberation from Coard's forces and coup attempt.  Sergeant Randy E. Cline,

 Private First Class Markin R. Maynard, Sergeant Mark A. Rademacher, Private

 First Class Russell L. Robinson, Specialist Four Mark O. Yamane were killed

 during this combat operation.




OPERATION JUST CAUSE, Panama - 1989:  Continued strained relations and

 failure at diplomacy, forced the United States to invade Panama on December

20, 1989.  Panamanian military leader, Manuel Noriega, was tried and sentenced

 to prison under the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush.  Private First

Class James W. Markwell was killed in action during this combat operation.



Saudi Arabia


OPERATION DESERT STORM, Saudi Arabia - 1990:  In 1990, 30 nations

(mandated by the United Nations) and led by the United States, engaged in

 combat operations in order to liberate an invaded Kuwait. 





OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, Iraq - 2003:  In 2003, the United States,

 Australia, Denmark, Britain and Poland invaded Iraq to rid the country of

 suspected weapons of mass destruction and to end Saddam Hussein's reign of

terror and murder of hundreds of thousands of people.